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Realine was born from a determination to deliver line reducing and volume boosting anti ageing solutions – without the need for needles.

Founder Robin Capstick wanted to give customers a practical, natural alternative to costly creams, invasive procedures and time-consuming appointments.

Realine masks are practical, portable and easy to administer.

Frown Lines and Crows Feet patches were inspired by a beauty industry insider secret. For decades make-up artists, models and actors have used strategically placed tape to quickly and effectively reeducate the skin, smooth out existing lines and prevent new ones. Realine have used this principle, but employed the latest technological innovation to maximize their product’s youth boosting efficiency. Enjoy skin-kind, doctor approved, hypoallergenic adhesive and generous shapes that feel like a second skin.

Responding to Realine customer’s requests for a filler alternative, Robin created the dual purpose Eye & Smile Line Masks. The masks use highly active, deeply penetrating ingredients to plump skin and smooth wrinkles. The product’s fluid chamber contains deeply hydrating high-grade hyaluronic acid and when, using our patented delivery system, this solution encounters the Marine extract freeze dried onto the eye masks, it reacts to release skin rejuvenating ionic energy.

Realine Founder Robin Capstick


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