Stem Cell Active Mask
Help to improve the elasticity of the skin, made from Hibiscus, the ‘natural botox’ plant. 
Crow’s Feet Patches
Naturally smoothes away wrinkles around the eyes
Frown Line Patches
Naturally smoothes away forehead and brow furrows.

Want a needle free way to visibly reduce lines?

Smooth skin and restore youthful volume? Realine high performance products deliver the exceptional anti ageing results of injectables but with no fuss, minimal cost and zero worry.

Crow's Feet Patches
Frown Line Patches
Stem Cell Active Mask

Unlike Botox and Fillers, Realine patches and masks are worry free.

We know our customers are concerned about injectables, about introducing toxins into the body, interfering with the natural contours of the face and the unwanted side effects of bruising and swelling. Our patches and masks are a safe and efficient way of achieving visible line reduction and skin plumping with none of the unease, and at a fraction of the cost.

‘With these, I wake up with a forehead as smooth as a snooker ball - only without the ghastly, shiny too-much-Botox effect.’

Sarah Vine, Journalist

Realine has been featured in:

The practical solution for lines and wrinkles.

We don’t believe in spending a fortune on expensive skincare or invasive treatments, both of which can have unpredictable results.  Our innovative patches are a logical solution for those wanting to reduce lines and boost volume - naturally.

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